The Christ of La Laguna. 500 years of history

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This volume is the result of an international cultural forum held last September in the city of La Laguna, during which the historical-artistic characteristics of Christ and the context in which it was created were analysed.

The book was co-edited by the City Council of La Laguna, the Royal Institute for Artistic Heritage of Brussels (IRPA), the Canary Islands Government and the Cabildo de Tenerife, with the collaboration of the Universities of La Laguna and the Catholic University of Leuven and the participation of the Diocese of Tenerife and the Slavery of Christ.

The publication brings together eleven scientific works by renowned European researchers in the fields of history, art and heritage:

1. El Cristo de la Laguna; the experience of an exciting research. F.J. Galante Gómez.

2. The context, the unification process of the former Netherlands. W. Thomas.

3. The legend of the Vera Cruz in a European perspective: from wall painting to woodcut. B. Baert.

4. The crucified Christ and the Christ of sorrows in Flemish painting of the 16th century: the iconographic precedents of the Christ of La Laguna. V. Hendericks and B. Fransen.

5. Engravings in Northern Europe at the time of Christ of La Laguna. J. van Grieken

6. Calvary and the Crucifix in Flemish tapestry at the time of Christ of the Lagoon (1500-1539). G. Delmarcel.

7. The Crucifixion in the late Gothic altarpieces of the Old Netherlands. H. Nieuwdorp.

8. The lagoon. An exceptional heritage in an international perspective. Essay on the occasion of the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Christ of the Lagoon and the 50th anniversary of the Venice Charter. K. de Jonge and L. Verpoest.

9. The Christ of the Lagoon and the crucifixes of the Old Netherlands carved between 1480 and 1530.

10. The Christ of the Lagoon, an example of European relations. C. Ceulemans.

11. Conservation and restoration of the Christ of the Lagoon. Study of the support and polychromy. M. Serck-Dewaide, M. Darowska and M. Barrio Olano.


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